Optimizing embedded software and controls development to drive innovation for electrified vehicles

Webinar on demand

Accelerate vehicle electrification software development

The design of electrified vehicles requires a paradigm shift in terms of embedded systems architectures and software design techniques that are followed within the conventional automotive systems. The software and controls design techniques for xEV must support guarantees with respect to extra-functional properties such as timing, fail-safe mechanisms and system level safety while taking into account distributed E/E architectures. The expansion and usability of distributed software architecture throughout the development process of any EV/HEV configuration is essential to keep time-to-market and development costs under control.
This webinar will explain how to accelerate the development and testing of embedded software and controls for xEV, and introduce:
• How to frontload software and controls modeling to specify, integrate, distribute development and validate safe and compliant applications
• How to integrate, adapt and deploy software system for xEV in Autosar toolchain
• How to efficiently re-use legacy controls software in new applications domain and accelerate software validation process