Mitigate electromagnetic compatibility and interference in the context of vehicle electrification

Webinar on demand | 42 minutos

Using simulation to investigate e-powertrain EMI/EMC issues

Electromagnetic compatibility and interference issues have drastically increased along with the growing number of potentially susceptible electronic and radiofrequency units. EMI/EMC assessment in designing complex electrified, autonomous and connected vehicles is of primary concern. The mechanism of “interference coupling to cable harness” further complicates the EMC scenario, thus making this phenomenon distributed all around the vehicle.

This webinar will introduce how a 3D simulation-based approach can help assess issues early in the design stages and mitigate potential electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility issues.

Learn how to:
  • Implement a multi-physics, multi-domain and multi-scale approach to assess potential EMI/EMC issues caused by e-powertrains,
  • Investigate available technical solutions from the early design phase,
  • Identify the best trade-off solutions, accounting for weight and cost constraints, and reduce the risk of failure in the final qualification/certification phase.

Koen de Langhe

Director Product Management – 3D Simulation, Siemens Digital Industries Software