System simulation: a key differentiator for designing electrified heavy equipment

Webinar on demand | 50 minutos

Step-by-step technical demonstrations of how system simulation can help you design electrified heavy equipment.


Compelled by stringent regulations (CO2 and low emission zones) and market competition (total cost of ownership), heavy equipment industrial players satisfy these demands by shifting to electrified machines. This revolution calls for OEMs and suppliers to predict the performance of their electrified systems as early as possible. System simulation can support you in several innovation areas to optimize fuel economy, productivity, and autonomy.

Through this webinar, learn how to make the technology shift to electrified machines using system simulation solution. The presentation will include a step-by-step demo session on how you can model a conventional 45-ton excavator. See how electrifying the powertrain and components can help teams determine areas of improvement, plus validate and optimize the design. Further, learn how fuel cells may be used as an alternate powertrain.

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