Session 3: Efficient and automated data consolidation

Webinar on demand | 90 minutos

Online Seminar Series exploring the latest innovations in Durability Testing and Engineering

Durability Image
Durability Image

Watch our third part of a 7 part series.

During this session we will see how to consolidate, clean up and validate your collected data in an efficient, automated and smart way prior to gaining a precise understanding of the loads and in-depth fatigue life insights.

Once data has been collected and validated on the spot, quite often it still requires to be consolidated once back in the office with the goal to identify and remove possible signal failures, such as some signal artefacts, spikes, etc.; to correct for some data anomalies, like drifts and offsets; or even to simply filter the data by frequency.

Marcos Barral

Presales Solutions Consultant, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Marcos Barral is an EMEA Presales Solutions Consultant, focused on Testing Solutions, for Siemens Digital Industries Software. He graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Vigo, Spain.

Over the last 12 years Marcos has built strong experience in the NVH field working as Test and Application Engineer, and since 2015 as Presales Solutions Consultant when he joined Siemens Digital Industries Software. He is a passionate about NVH world, being his areas of expertise structural dynamic, rotating machinery, acoustics, durability and dynamic environmental testing, among others.