Improving aircraft ice protection effectiveness through CFD based Design Space Exploration

Webinar on demand

Learn how to evaluate hundreds of designs for ice protection in the time it traditionally takes to look at one.

Ice protection is an essential consideration in modern aircraft design. With safety as a backdrop, aircraft manufacturers are working to avoid build-up of ice in cold weather flight conditions while balancing energy efficiency. CFD based simulation offers an attractive alternative to the design test fail redesign process. Until recently most simulation was focused on validation of final designs in an effort to reduce icing tunnel and cold weather flight tests.

With the aid of design space exploration, Honda Jet is pioneering a new approach to aircraft ice protection.

In this webinar, Honda Jet and Siemens Digital Software will illustrate a method based on parametric CAD models and a robust pipelined CFD workflow that allows engineers to evaluate hundreds of designs in the time it traditionally takes to look at one.

Você aprenderá:

  • Validate the computational approach for ice protection and set up a robust CFD pipeline for automated search
  • Use hybrid-adaptive optimization algorithms to search the design space
  • Make an order of magnitude improvement in design in one week of engineering time