Discover the benefits of cost engineering in purchasing

Webinar on demand | 31 minutos

Use cost engineering for product cost management

Office workers at a table in a conference room discussing cost engineering for purchased parts and tools

Today’s increasingly competitive global market requires more data quality, control, and access to faster plan costs along the development cycle. Transitioning from a serial costing process to a concurrent costing methodology has benefited best-in-class companies by providing standardization and faster iteration of decisions earlier in the costing process. It not only mitigates risk from uncertainty today but also provides the required sophistication necessary to maintain an optimized process into the future. In this 30-minute on-demand webinar video, you will gain detailed insights into product cost structures and manufacturing processes with purchase price analysis and how to manage the product and tool costs in cost engineering.

Uncover significant cost savings with cost engineering for purchased parts and tools

Shorter development and product lifecycles require faster and more targeted decisions from procurement organizations. The increasing pressure to drive more cost savings and efficiency gains requires greater clarity into cost information and knowing exactly what makes a product expensive. Unfortunately, internal cross-functional teams often do not share this information as they work with different processes and tools, such as purchasing, finance, and development. However, a cost engineering approach allows transparency of the product and project cost situations and a benchmarking and best practice comparison, enabling companies to influence cost sustainably at an ideal very early stage.

Gain detailed insights with integrated cost management

This on-demand webinar addresses specialists and managers from Purchasing, Cost Engineering, Commercial Product and Program Management, Value Engineering departments, and Tooling. Additionally, the webinar will discuss:

  • The necessity of cost engineering in purchasing
  • Intelligent knowledge-based cost engineering
  • Cross-functional collaboration as the key to success
  • Benefits of cost engineering with integrated Cost Management

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