Optimize your cost control while reducing your carbon footprint

Webinar on demand | 46 minutos

Increase profits and reduce CO2 emission with product cost management

Woman at laptop looking to accelerate the process of costing for cost-effective and carbon-abated products

Today’s economic circumstances are throwing new challenges to all companies in the market, and to stay competitive you must ensure that your products are positioned at the optimal price-point in order to maximize profitability. At the same time, more and more transparency and documentation of the CO2 footprint for products are required.

Watch our webinar and learn about our combined costing solutions

Watch our webinar and learn how our combination of costing solutions helps you to configure prices for products with several components or complex product bundles by:

  • Predicting prices for purchased parts/components/assemblies in the early phases of product development by easily integrate nonlinear performance pricing target price formulas into TcPCM
  • Determine should costs and CO2 footprint for parts, components, and processes with the bottom-up approach
  • Presenting a clear cost structure, and plausible breakdown of the product costs to have a stronger negotiating position in cost negotiations


Eduardo Salva Lezaun

EMEA Portfolio Developer - Product Cost Management, Siemens Digital Industries Software