Address design complexity and collaboration challenges in industrial, agricultural and food processing machinery design

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Digitalization is transforming all areas of life: the way we stay informed, the way we travel, the way we buy things, and the way we manufacture products—from industrial machines to ice cream. The massive power of digitalization—the great opportunities and great risks—is evolving our very business models.

Current global crises—the pandemic, national skills shortages and climate change and considerations—are disrupting the supply chain of food and beverage-related industries (agricultural, food, beverage, packing, and logistics). This disruption creates unprecedented levels of pressure. Both manufactures and machine builders in impacted industries have adapted quickly to try and protect staff, while minimizing supply chain issues. But they also need to create business practices that consider how best to move forward in the long term.

Join us for an online discussion of digitalization in the machinery industries

Digital technologies are helping food and beverage-related industries answer ever-changing health and safety requirements, eliminate waste, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Learn new ways of addressing design complexity challenges and improving collaboration between manufacturers and machine builders. The webinar aims to help you answer some of your most pressing challenges:

  • How to meet production KPIs through virtual factory testing
  • How to increase collaboration on product development
  • How to provide more guidance and create visibility for your digital strategy assets
  • How to optimize design to meet cost and customer quality requirements
  • How to minimize the risk of defects by simulating different scenarios in the design phase

Join industry experts as they follow the digitalization process of machine development through design, simulation, visualization to technical documentation and collaboration.

Virtual meeting agenda

In this special live online session, we’ll discuss:

  • How Siemens is addressing digitalization in food and beverage-related industries
  • Current challenges that machine builders face
  • How to mitigate these challenges
  • Customer perspective: From design to machine usage

Muus Blokker

Director Business Development , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Muus is responsible for the EMEA and Germany region as a Director Business Development engaging with customers, markets and building business for Siemens internationally driving digitalization. He focuses on business and market development with extensive experience developing European and Global markets within Siemens, partners and customer organizations. Muus' track record includes developing and delivering management change strategies, multi-channel sales execution programs as well as bringing expertise in sales pipeline growth, channel development, lead generation and uncovering new markets for enterprise business applications and services.

Michal Dic

EMEA CEE Portfolio Development Executive - Mainstream Engineering , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Michal is responsible for the region of Central and Eastern Europe as a country Portfolio Development Executive in Mainstream Engineering. He works in close cooperation with our business partners across the region to achieve our common targets. He also directly engages with customers, qualifying those prospects and transferring them to relevant sales organizations within Siemens directly or Siemens DISW partners.

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