Modern well control equipment: Metal hard hat, Fireproof coveralls, and… CFD!

Webinar on demand | 52 minutos

Learn how Wild Well Control uses simulation to quantify and reduce risk, plan operations and improve response effectiveness.

In the Oil & Gas industry, the integration of possible risk linked with well control — such as subsea plume, atmospheric dispersion, fire and explosion — is critical for minimizing impact on entire system, efficiency of operations, and ensuring worker health and safety.  Risk to system integrity must be prevented at the design phase, but also addressed in case hazards happen across the full lifecycle of the equipment or system in operation.

In this webinar, Mr. Alistair E. Gill, General Manager of Engineering Services department from company Wild Well Control demonstrates the value of advanced structural and fluid dynamics mechanics simulation for well controls, emergency response and planning. Mr. Alistair E. Gill provides several examples in order to demonstrate simulation techniques that were used from subsea plume, gas dispersion, radiant heat, erosion and thermal modelling, as well as structural analysis.

Alistair E. Gill

General Manager, Engineering Services, Wild Well Control