How best-in-class electronics companies deploy smart manufacturing

Webinar on demand | 38 minutos

Best-in-class electronics companies continue to move towards smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things. End-to-end manufacturing is becoming more important than ever, because it enables real-time sales quoting, production preparation and unification of electronics and mechanical production information.

How best-in-class electronics companies deploy smart manufacturing
How best-in-class electronics companies deploy smart manufacturing

This webinar explores how best-in-class organizations deploy smart manufacturing in electronics and the performance boost they receive for doing so.

Data collected from the shop-floor drives the digital operation and the material flow. However, the value of this data does not stop there.

Learning Points:

Learn how manufacturers can benefit from connecting sales, engineering, and operations while collecting and combining real-time data and applying analytics.

  • Why: Focus on the main modern challenges in the electronics industry.
  • How: To achieve the next step towards becoming a truly digital enterprise, there is a need for an integrated platform to stabilize, to standardize, and to harmonize processes within manufacturing, engineering, and sales.
  • What: An end-to-end Solution that standardizes and contextualizes customer and manufacturing data into actionable analytics.

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