BAR Technologies: Maritime innovation "over the sea"

Webinar on demand | 42 minutos

Enhancing non-racing vessel performance with racing yacht technology

BAR Technologies: Leading-edge marine science and design “over the sea”

This is the first session in a series of three webinars featuring BAR Technologies’ work at the leading edge of maritime innovation.

“Over the sea” looks at how learnings of America’s Cup foiling, simulation, and optimization technology can be applied to non-racing vessels to enhance hull performance.

“Flying on the water" technology for a great hull performance

America’s Cup racing is the pinnacle of yacht racing and full foiling has been one of the most eye-catching and dynamic features of the competition. BAR Technologies have furthered this technology and launched a product they call FOSS – foil optimized stability system. Hull efficiency is increased by reducing fuel consumption and seakeeping is vastly improved by dampening pitch and roll.

In the leisure boat market, FOSS can be used to alter the feel and ride of yachts, making them feel more dynamic and sportier as well as providing fuel efficiencies. This can best be described as a high-performance four-wheel drive for the sea!

FOSS is featured on the Princess R35 to great acclaim and is also an integral part of BAR Technologies' novel and highly efficient suite of vessels for crew transfer to wind turbines and other offshore platforms.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How an integrated approach to design and engineering was instrumental in optimizing the original FOSS design and iterations thereafter
  • How having a comprehensive digital twin helped BAR Technologies overcome the hurdles involved in such a complex system

In this webinar you will view:

  • The 3D renders of a BAR Technologies crew transfer vessel
  • 3D animation and VR of a BAR Technologies crew transfer vessel

Guest Speaker

Simon Schofield

Chief Technology Officer, BAR Technologies

Simon Schofield is the chief technology officer of BAR Technologies and a veteran of multiple America’s Cup, Volvo ocean race and grand prix race yacht campaigns. Simon was most recently head of design and engineering at BAR Land Rover, the British America’s Cup entrant from 2016.