Addressing engineering challenges in automotive radar and antenna system integration, combining test and simulation

Webinar on demand | 50 minutos

Predict components' performance during integration for better design

Automotive radar antenna simulation

Automotive radar sensor and antenna system design is a cornerstone of autonomous driving. Yet, the integration of these systems poses a range of challenges for the engineer. Will the antenna properly work once integrated? How should engineers manage antenna installation when an external party supplies antenna systems? The use of hybrid models - combining tests with simulation - provides the means to efficiently and effectively integrate antennas into large systems.

In this webinar, our experts will highlight approaches an engineer can apply to achieve system-level antenna performance. An overview of key technologies will be provided, along with real-world examples in the automotive industry.

This webinar runs in conjunction with EUCAP, the European Association of Antennas and Propagation.

Você aprenderá:

  • Why antenna engineering at system and platform level is needed
  • How simulation and test procedures can be applied to integrate antennas into a bigger system
  • How to model the effect of contamination on the performance of a radar

Koen de Langhe

Director Product Management – 3D Simulation, Siemens Digital Industries Software