Increase automotive functional safety with ISO 26262 compliance

Webinar on demand | 46 minutos

This webinar introduces ISO 26262, the standard for functional safety in automotive embedded software engineering.

automotive functional safety

To deliver a new mobility experience, 30% of vehicle content will be software by 2030 (McKinsey). However, snowballing complexity is impacting automotive functional safety as evidenced by increasing vehicle recalls. Thus, it is critical that the software tools used to develop automotive embedded software support ISO 26262 with a unified approach that effectively orchestrates and reduces overall efforts for compliance to increase automotive functional safety.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Using ALM to orchestrate all software engineering needs
  • Specific ALM Capabilities: Collaboration, Traceability, Interoperability, Compliance, Reuse in an integrated ecosystem
  • ISO 26262 compliance template for safety concept management