Don’t let thermal management issues limit aircraft systems performance and safety

Webinar on demand | 52 minutos

Find out how simulation secures aircraft fuel system certification

Addressing aircraft thermal management challenges with digital twin rendition of an aircraft wing

Thermal management is a key challenge when designing conventional airplanes. Electrification makes this challenge even harder due to a high volume of electric equipment, which drastically increases heat loads. However, the use of composites structures limits the ability to reject heat outboard. For this reason, airframers may need to retrofit their fleet and install inerting systems to avoid any flammability concerns in the fuel systems.

Thermal Management

The aircraft’s fuel system plays a critical role in your thermal management strategy since it helps dissipate a large amount of heat generated by increased aircraft electrification. In this webinar, Safran Aerosystems and Siemens will discuss how Simcenter enables you to keep aircraft safer and cooler.

Aircraft Certification Case Study

You will learn:

  • How Safran Aerosystems assesses flammability of aircraft fuel tanks with Simcenter
  • How to:
    • Address fuel simulation at the global system and detailed equipment levels
    • Perform fuel tank thermal analysis in support of Fuel Tank Flammability Assessment Method (FTFAM)
    • Optimize thermal management strategies using virtual systems integration
    • Minimize the thermo-structural effects of the fuel on wings
    • Perform multi-scale thermal simulations from local to global aircraft thermal modeling

Meet our experts, who will discuss aircraft thermal management challenges:

Claudio Lindquist

Claudio Lindquist

Inerting System Modeling Expert, Safran Aerosystems | Fuel & Control Systems

Stéphane Mouvand

Stéphane Mouvand

AS&D Business Development Manager, Simcenter System Simulation, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Ganesh Sethuraman

Simcenter 3D Aerospace Business Development Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software