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Accelerated Aircraft Certification through Verification Management

Webinar on demand | 36 minutos

Various categories of aerospace and defense manufacturers need to achieve faster certification to achieve program cost, schedule and performance objectives.

Achieving program execution excellence through accelerated certification

A significant trend in the industry is the increasing electrification and automation of products resulting in highly integrated systems with complex interfaces. Additionally, different airworthiness standards apply to the different categories of aviation products increasing the difficulty to show compliance to achieve certification.

The need of the hour is an integrated closed-loop solution spanning the complete development process that involves every part of the organization.

In this webinar, you will learn how we can help organizations breakdown barriers that prevent companies from obtaining certification in a timely manner and achieve program execution excellence.

Companies will be able to:

  • Incorporate all the needed certification activities within the overall program plan
  • Create traceability between the regulatory requirements, the means of compliance, test/analysis/simulation execution, results and reports
  • Manage the required steps to obtain a type, production and airworthiness certification
  • Ensure IP protection and data security throughout the process
  • Generate reports and easily share with authorities

Dale Tutt

Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Industry, Siemens Digital Industries Software