Enabling Intelligent Manufacturing through Product Realization in the Aerospace Industry

Webinar on demand | 45 minutos

Learn how to conduct virtual planning, simulation and analysis of production, using rich production digital twins, that are based on a robust digital thread of engineering and production data.

Intelligent manufacturing planning simulation of aircraft wing assembly process enabling realistic validation
Intelligent manufacturing planning simulation of aircraft wing assembly process enabling realistic validation

In the aerospace and defense industry, aircraft systems are becoming more complex, bids are more challenging and customer priorities are changing. The need for efficiencies through newer technologies, such as composites or additive manufacturing, will continue to grow. Aerospace companies also must manage regulatory requirements to make sure design and manufacturing practices are documented and traceable.

In this webinar about intelligent manufacturing, you will learn:

More efficient ways to enhance collaboration between design and manufacturing. The aerospace industry needs a process-driven digital thread approach to include manufacturing engineering in every aspect of program development, from program pursuit through aerospace engineering and aircraft manufacturing. This can drive profitability, reputation and prove the firm’s ability to drive successful program execution.

How to enable an early involvement of manufacturing engineering in the assessment of design alternatives, and accurate plan for on-time project launch and effective communication with the shop floor are all examples of opportunities for companies to ‘shift left’ the integration of the manufacturing definition in the product development process.

Plan, optimize and validate your production process, create animated 3D electronic work instructions (EWI) and leverage augmented reality to guide shop floor technicians, share relevant information from the PLM environment to shop floor systems (MES, ERP) and enable a close loop manufacturing using shop floor feedback, to continuously improve your process.

Learn how closed loop aircraft manufacturing engineering process enabled by digital thread helps companies accelerate production ramp-up, exceed quality targets and deliver products faster

 Meet our experts, who discuss Product Realization in the Aerospace Industry:

Dale Tutt

Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Industry, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Zvika Weissman

Director of Aerospace and Defense Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software