How to make remarkable sound of electrified vehicles inside out with active sound design

Webinar on demand | 45 minutos

Design, evaluate and implement appealing interior and exterior sounds for your electric vehicle

Active sound design for exterior noise - AVAS
Active sound design for exterior noise - AVAS

Active sound design answers the new acoustic challenges of electric vehicles. As these cars are silent while driving at low speed, governments world-wide are imposing new requirements to integrate Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) to protect pedestrians and other traffic users. On the other hand, while driving on higher speeds, electric vehicles need extra refinement of the wind and road noise to enhance the sound quality in the cabin. To tackle both challenges, the automotive industry is adopting new approaches such as adding new sound layer using active sound design solutions.

Watch this webinar on active sound design and learn how to:

  1. Create active sounds for interior and AVAS from scratch reflecting your brand’s image

  2. Test and finetune them on the actual vehicle and match them to customer expectations

  3. Implement good AVAS sounds in your vehicle that still comply with legal requirements

Webinar speaker

Bart Verrecas, Automotive NVH & durability testing expert, Siemens Digital Industries Software