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Strength and durability engineering solutions

Our solutions help you to deliver lighter, stronger and more durable designs, while accounting for geographical differences and reduced vehicle weight.

Strength & durability strategies 
Develop strength and durability strategies at all design stages, from road load data acquisition, analysis, data mining, load prediction, stress, and fatigue analysis, up to balancing weight, strength, and durability. 
Road load data acquisition
Gain a precise understanding of the loads that products will undergo during their anticipated lifetime by measuring precise vehicle response using road load data acquisition (RLDA).
Customer-correlated durability test schedules
Keep costs under control and reduce time-to-market by deploying customer-correlated testing to set realistic durability targets that match the target customer usage profile.
Load data analysis
Accelerate the delivery of critical insights when preparing for test rig campaigns and reliable simulations by speeding up load data consolidation, rain flow counting, and experimental fatigue analysis.
CAE fatigue methods for design optimization and virtual product validation
Virtually optimize components by predicting the impact of material and increasing the accuracy for complex geometry and welding changes. 
CAE structural analysis
Benefit from a single integrated platform to prepare a model from CAD to CAE and run structural analysis to virtually investigate product performance under all possible operating conditions.
Health management and failure prediction
Quantify the remaining useful lifetime (RUL) of components, subsystem and machines under its specific real-use conditions, instead of determining the ultimate lifetime on a statistical average.