Podcast Series

Realizing Innovation in the Classroom: A Siemens Podcast Series

Welcome to Siemens’ Realizing Innovation in the Classroom podcast series where we showcase pioneers in engineering education reform. Listen to hear some of the brightest minds in engineering education share insights and best practices to empower the next generation of digital talent.

Topics covered in the series are:

  • What is on the mind of future engineers 
  • How integrating practical examples and real-world applications in courses drives change on campus 
  • How future engineers leverage real-world experience at Siemens to improve their education experience and career opportunities after graduation 
  • How a leading academic institution is developing robot proof graduates through disruptive innovation in and out of the classroom and improving graduate employability. 
  • How Purdue University addresses the skills gap through multidisciplinary engineering programs
Realizing Innovation in the Classroom