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Digital twins

Role of simulation and test in creating realistic digital twins

A convergence of various technologies in the past few years has transformed engineered products in many different industries. You know them well if you are involved in any capacity with bringing new products to market that require significant engineering development – cars, planes, machinery and medical devices to name just a few.

Your customers expect more and in an effort to meet those demands your products and the processes that are used to engineer them are getting more complex. The challenges resulting from this increased complexity are significant. Longstanding companies with rich histories of innovation in one area may strug-gle to leverage their experience in emerging fields. Therefore, companies are adopting the digital twin concept to remain competitive, and embrace the role of simulation and test in creating realistic digital twins.

Digital twins are more than just a CAD model. They are a living entity that is extended, completed and updated throughout the asset’s lifecycle, further enriched with data obtained during the asset’s operation.

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  • The three requirements for realization of the digital twin
  • The benefits and challenges of a digital twin approach
  • The role of simulation and test in the realization of a realistic digital twin

Siemens Digital Industries is helping companies such as yours to transform product development from a process that delivers discrete generations into a continuous process that keeps track of individual products and constantly updates them until end of life. Read this paper now to learn how you too can take advantage of digital twins in the delivery of high performance engineering.

A realistic model based on simulation and test data can predict performance.
A realistic model based on simulation and test data can predict performance.

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The Siemens Digital Twin