NX Academic provides high-performance, integrated solutions for design, simulation and manufacturing

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Educate students using industry-leading NX software. Deploy the same software and capabilities used by engineering professionals all over the world and prepare the next generation of digital talent for the workplace.

Available Software

NX Academic Edition is available to universities, technical colleges, trade schools and high schools. With the software, students can model products with 3D CAD, use CAE simulation tools to evaluate performance, and learn machine tool programming to gain insight into how products are manufactured – all using a single integrated software solution. The software is intended for classroom training and research projects only. Academic institutions are licensed to install NX on as many computers as needed and can loan licenses for students to use at home for completing assignments and continued learning. 

NX Student Edition has most of the design features and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) capabilities available in the commercial version. Watermarks will be added to printed and plotted data to prevent the NX Student Edition from being used for commercial work. In addition, File -> Export capabilities are blocked. NX Student Edition can output 3D STL files for rapid prototyping and 3D printing. 

Download the Student Edition of NX today.

NX Academic Edition and NX Student Edition is available for Microsoft Windows. The software is available in English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German.

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