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Improve profit margins with the cost estimating solution for products and tools

To be profitable, your product cost estimations must be accurate, flexible and fast.

Every company, in every industry, needs to keep product and production costs under control by identifying and influencing the cost drivers. The biggest challenge is understanding different cost parameters, and this requires a detailed knowledge of manufacturing processes and cost drivers. The aim must be to control costs early on and throughout every phase of the product life cycle.

Are you ready to learn how to get accurate, flexible and fast cost estimations?

The 4 minutes video provides insides on how various departments, such as cost engineering, purchasing, finance, and sales can benefit from the Siemens cost estimating solution by:

  • Determine and evaluate costs early in the product life cycle
  • Forecast lifetime costs to assess new product profitability
  • Receive accurate and fast prepared cost quotations
  • Optimize costs through simulations and evaluation of production and supply costs

Watch the benefits of the cost estimating solution in only 4 minutes

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