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Webinar Series

Analyze the aerodynamics and water management impact of design changes using CFD simulation

Our CFD simulation solutions enable you to accurately assess the impact of design changes on vehicle aerodynamics and water / dirt management.

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Realizing aerodynamics innovations for electric vehicles

Check out how to achieve low drag vehicles using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). During this webinar, our guest speaker Enric Aramburu from Applus+ IDIADA introduces the Cronuz project and their experience in using CFD simulation to create an EV compact SUV concept car with breakthrough aerodynamic solutions to reach a 0.19 drag coefficient.

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Optimizing vehicle aerodynamics for rain water management

Discover how CFD simulation helps in understanding the interaction between rainwater and the external aerodynamic design of the vehicle. Our guest speaker, Michael Ade from Daimler, will introduce the challenges of water management simulation. Then learn how to model design impacts with a complete 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) process that accounts for multi-phase flows such as liquid films, sprays, and deposition.

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Reducing impact of rainwater on ADAS sensors by optimizing vehicle aerodynamics

Get more insights on how to ensure safe and reliable ADAS systems in harsh operating conditions. During this webinar, we will focus on how a realistic simulation including water and dirt management as part of the aerodynamics design, as well as a design space exploration technology, allow OEMs to optimize aerodynamic designs that reduce sensor contamination for safer ADAS systems.

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Designing under-body components using leading wading simulation methods

Watch our webinar and learn how CFD simulation is used by Jaguar Land Rover to model wading/flooding scenarios and to explore under-body design. Jaguar Land Rover engineers will introduce their patented virtual method to model wading/flooding and a simulation-led failure detection & ingress analysis approach.

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