Compliance Software

Quality compliance software offers manufacturers an integrated compliance management solution, providing sustainable support for all areas of corporate governance, risk management, and compliance. Also known as compliance management software or compliance document software, compliance software enables manufacturers to manage processes for communicating, monitoring, and documenting diverse compliance activities for a full spectrum of regulations and standards throughout the manufacturing enterprise. Compliance software is an integral component within a quality management software (QMS) solution.

Hands of a woman using a mouse to navigate compliance software for quality management.

What is Compliance Software?

Manufacturers use compliance software to ensure that all product materials and manufacturing processes conform to applicable regulatory and industrial quality standards. Throughout many industrial supply chains, regulatory pressures are escalating. Compounding these pressures are environmental concerns related to climate change; globalization and the accompanying need to track, satisfy and verify compliance with regulations from numerous locations; and mass customization, which entails regulatory compliance for an ever-expanding variety of products in ever-smaller lots or batches.

Under these conditions, manufacturers need compliance management software that provides the right information at the precise time and manner needed, in accordance with major quality standards. While some manufacturers and industries have handled these requirements with paper-based or homegrown compliance software solutions, an integrated compliance software solution is becoming critical to meet the increasing demands created by growing regulatory complexity.

Compliance software manages regulatory and standards demands in areas including environmental health and safety, enterprise risk management, training and qualification, audits, and customer/supplier management.

Compliance Software Functionality

An effective quality compliance software solution is adaptable to existing company processes. Compliance management software integrates control functions and responsibility structures to enable a fast and effective flow of information. This results in quick identification of production trends and operational risks and the avoidance of negative consequences.

Compliance software integrates user administration to enable reliable role and function allocations for each individual user. To meet all organizational compliance needs, compliance management software must provide a highly configurable and scalable solution and create no sector restrictions. As a compliance document software solution, compliance software must support a large variety of different document types, different rights and different workflows. Compliance software should be useful to every unit within an organization, regardless of location.

Specific functionality supported by an integrated compliance software solution include:

Training and qualification - Compliance software provides a single repository for employee training and certification, including employee training profiles, course information, job requirements, certification expiration dates, and revised training requirements.

Assessments - Compliance software enables auditing processes, including scheduling, creation, and online execution.

Calibration and preventive management - Compliance software creates schedules and offers notifications, alerts, and escalation for all calibration and equipment maintenance activities.

Supplier management - Compliance software manages supplier assessments and evaluations, identifying issues and moving them to resolution.

Environmental management - With compliance document software, manufacturers ensure complete environmental recordkeeping, including analysis of environmental aspects and impacts and tracking of environmental targets and objectives.

Occupational health and safety - Compliance management software tracks and addresses workplace incidents, monitors safety hazards and controls, and manages policies and records.

Risk management - Compliance software helps manufacturers assess and mitigate risks using thorough risk analysis and controls testing.

Compliance Software Benefits

Effective compliance management software supports value-oriented and reliable corporate management to the satisfaction of all stakeholder groups. It enables timely fulfillment of all relevant internal and external regulations and standards applicable to the company.

  • Reduced costs: By delivering the same functionality, but in a cloud environment, cloud ready applications save enterprises the costs of owning and maintaining onsite infrastructure.

  • Ensures compliance with all relevant standards and regulations, as well as legal requirements

  • Enables openness and flexibility in support of standards

  • Reduces warranty and recall costs

  • Increases customer satisfaction