Production Management

Production management is the discipline of planning, analyzing, and directing the flow of processes and assets that facilitate the production of goods in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner. 

In manufacturing facilities, production managers are tasked with continuously evaluating operations and developing strategies to address any issues with inventory availability, production capacity, build-quality, equipment, and labor - with the ultimate goal of enabling all of these elements to work together as efficiently as possible. In order to make data-backed decisions and accomplish these goals, successful production managers will leverage manufacturing operations management (MOM) software and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

1D analysis

1D analysis refers to the application of finite element analysis on 1-dimensional models comprised of only 2 nodes.

The Inextricable Principles of Production Management

AKA: The 5 “M’s”
  • (Hu)Men

    “Men” refers to the organization and supervision of the human laborers involved with production

  • Money

    efficient utilization of budget and asset allocations

  • Machines

    overseeing the equipment and technology used in production process

  • Materials

    management of physical resources and their associated data, including raw materials, component parts, general supplies, etc.

  • Methods

    planning and controlling the processes and procedures involving all the other principles