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No waiver of intellectual property rights is created for any Siemens Industry Software Inc. Mark, registered or common law, that may not be included in this list.

Unless otherwise noted, the following are trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens Industry Software Inc., or its subsidiaries or affiliates, in the United States and in other countries.

Product or Service Name Trademark guidance for instance of first use
ACE ACE software
ADiT ADiT™ software
AFS AFS platform
AFS eXTreme AFS eXTreme
Analog FastSPICE Analog FastSPICE platform
Analog FastSPICE eXTreme Analog FastSPICE eXTreme™ platform
Analog FastSPICE XT Analog FastSPICE XT™ platform
Aprisa Aprisa™ software
Aprisa™ solution
Asset Service Minder Asset Service Minder
ATPG Boost ATPG Boost
Board Station Board Station software
Board Architect Board Architect™ software
CADRA CADRA™ software
Calibre Calibre® platform
Calibre 3DSTACK Calibre® 3DSTACK software
Calibre Automatic Waiver Calibre® Automatic Waiver software
Calibre Auto-Waivers Calibre® Auto-Waivers software
Calibre Cluster Manager Calibre® Cluster Manager software
Calibre DesignEnhancer Calibre® DesignEnhancer software
Calibre DESIGNrev Calibre® DESIGNrev™ software
Calibre egDRC Calibre® egDRC software
Calibre FRACTUREc Calibre® FRACTUREc™ software
Calibre FRACTUREh Calibre® FRACTUREh™ software
Calibre FRACTUREj Calibre® FRACTUREj™ software
Calibre FRACTUREk Calibre® FRACTUREk™ software
Calibre FRACTUREm Calibre® FRACTUREm™ software
Calibre FRACTUREt Calibre® FRACTUREt™ software
Calibre FRACTUREv Calibre® FRACTUREv™ software
Calibre Interactive Calibre® Interactive software
Calibre LFD Calibre® LFD software
Calibre MASKOPT Calibre® MASKOPT software
Calibre MDP Calibre® MDP software
Calibre MDP Embedded SVRF Calibre® MDP Embedded SVRF software
Calibre MDPmerge Calibre® MDPmerge software
Calibre MDPstat Calibre® MDPstat software
Calibre MDPverify Calibre® MDPverify software
Calibre MDPview Calibre® MDPview software
Calibre MPCpro Calibre® MPCpro software
Calibre MTflex Calibre® MTflex™ software
Calibre Multi-Patterning Calibre® Multi-Patterning software
Calibre nmDRC Calibre® nmDRC software
Calibre nmLVS Calibre® nmLVS software
Calibre nmPlatform Calibre® nmPlatform tool
Calibre nmOPC Calibre® nmOPC software
Calibre OPCpro Calibre® OPCpro software
Calibre OPCsbar Calibre® OPCsbar software
Calibre OPCverify Calibre® OPCverify software
Calibre ORC Calibre® ORC software
Calibre Pattern Matching Calibre® Pattern Matching software
Calibre PERC Calibre® PERC software
Calibre PRINTimage Calibre® PRINTimage software
Calibre PSMgate Calibre® PSMgate™ software
Calibre RealTime Calibre® RealTime software
Calibre RVE Calibre® RVE software
Calibre TDopc Calibre® TDopc software
Calibre WORKbench Calibre® WORKbench software
Calibre xACT Calibre® xACT™ software
Calibre xACT 3D Calibre® xACT™ 3D software
Camstar Camstar™ software
Camstar Boxbuild Camstar™ Boxbuild software
Camstar Change Camstar™ Change software; Camstar™ Change services
Camstar Enterprise Platform Camstar™ Enterprise platform; Camstar™ Enterprise services
Camstar Intelligence Camstar™ Intelligence software; Camstar™ Intelligence services
Camstar Interoperability Camstar™ Interoperability software; Camstar™ SPC services
Camstar Manufacturing Camstar™ Manufacturing software; Camstar™ Manufacturing services
Camstar Medical Device Suite Camstar™ Medical Device suite; Camstar™ Medical Device services
Camstar Quality Camstar™ Quality software; Camstar™ Quality services
Camstar Semiconductor Suite Camstar™ Semiconductor suite; Camstar™ Semiconductor services
Camstar SPC Camstar™ SPC software; Camstar™ SPC services
Capital Capital™ software
Capital Analysis Capital™ Analysis software
Capital AutoView Capital™ AutoView™ software
Capital Bridges Capital™ Bridges™ software
Capital Enterprise Assets Capital™ Enterprise Assets™ software
Capital Enterprise Designs Capital™ Enterprise Designs™ software
Capital Enterprise Reporter Capital™ Enterprise Reporter™ software
Capital Explorer Capital™ Explorer™ software
Capital FormboardXC Capital™ FormboardXC™ software
Capital Ground Design Capital™ Ground Design™ software
Capital Harness Capital™ Harness™ software
Capital Harness Systems Capital™ Harness Systems™ software
Capital Harness TVM Capital™ Harness TVM™ software
Capital Harness Capital™ HarnessXC™
Capital Manager Capital™ Manager software
Capital Manufacture Capital™ Manufacture software
Capital SimTransient Capital™ SimTransient™ software
Capital Style Manager Capital™ Style Manager software
Capital Systems Capital™ Systems software
Capital Topology Capital™ Topology software
Capital Workbooks Capital™ Workbooks™ software
Carbon Footprint for Material and Energy Carbon Footprint for Material and Energy
Catapult Catapult™ software
Catchbook Catchbook™ software
CD-adapco CD-adapco™ software
Certus Silicon Debug Certus™ Silicon Debug software
CompliantPro CompliantPro™ software
Connect for [PRODUCT NAME] Connect for [proper us of product name as shown in this list of product names]
Context Context™ software
Continuum Continuum™ software
Convergent Modeling Convergent Modeling™ technology
D-Cubed D-Cubed™ software
Debug Detective Debug Detective™ software
Design Architect Design Architect™ software
deZign3D deZign3D
Dimensional Planning and Validation (DPV) Manufacturing Inspection Management Dimensional Planning and Validation (DPV) Manufacturing Inspection Management
Decision Support System
Decision Support System
Edge Edge™ software
Edge Debugger Edge™ Debugger software
Edge Profiler Edge™ Profiler software
E-Factory E-Factory™ software
ELDO ELDO™ software
EldoNet EldoNet™ software
Electronicscooling Electronicscooling™ software
Encapta Encapta™ software
EZwave EZwave™ software
Factory Link Factory Link™ software in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
FactoryCAD FactoryCAD™ software in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
FactoryFlow FactoryFlow™ software in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
FactoryOpt FactoryOpt™ software in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
FactoryPlan FactoryPlan™ software in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
Falcon Framework Falcon Framework™ software
FastEM FastEM™ software
FastEM™ technology
FastEye FastEye™ software
FastEye™ technology
Femap Femap™ software
Fibersim the Fibersim™ portfolio
Geolus Geolus® software
GO PLM GO PLM™ program
GO PLM™ initiative
HDL Author HDL Author™ software
HDL Designer Series HDL Designer Series™ software
HDL Designer HDL Designer™ software
HDL Detective HDL Detective™ software
HDL Link HDL Link™ software
HEEDS HEEDS™ software
Hour of Engineering Hour of Engineering
IC Station IC Station™ software
IC Station Layout IC Station™ Layout software
ICblocks ICblocks™ software
ICrules ICrules™ software
ICtrace ICtrace™ software
ICX ICX™ software
I-deas I-deas™ software
Industry Catalyst Series Industry Catalyst Series™ offerings
inFact inFact™ software
Insight the Insight™ design data management solution
Intosite Intosite™ software
Intosite™ application
iSolve iSolve™ software
Jack Jack™ software in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
Note: JACK is a registered trademark of The Trustees of The University of Pennsylvania
JT the JT™ data format
Kineo Kineo™ software
KineoWorks KineoWorks™ library
Kite Kite™ software
LBISTArchitect LBISTArchitect™ software
LDorado LDorado™ userware
LDorado for Volkswagen LDorado™ userware for Volkswagen
LDorado for VW LDorado™ userware for VW
Led Led™ software
Leonardo Leonardo™ software
LeonardoInsight LeonardoInsight™ software
LeonardoSpectrum LeonardoSpectrum™ software
LightSuite LightSuite™ Compiler
LightSuite Photonic LightSuite™ Photonic Compiler
Logical Cable Logical Cable™ software
Lsim Lsim™ software
Madymo Madymo® software
MAJIC MAJIC™ software
Mastertrim the Mastertrim™ portfolio
MBIST MBIST™ software
MBISTArchitect MBISTArchitect™ software
MENDIX™ app platform
MENDIX™ low-code platform
[does not apply when referencing the corporation Mendix]
MENDIX PLM for Fashion and Retail MENDIX™ PLM for Fashion and Retail platform

Mechatronics Concept Designer Mechatronics Concept Designer™ software
[does not apply when referencing the corporation Mentor/Mentor Graphics]
MENTOR (in Chinese characters) 明导™ software
[does not apply when referencing the corporation Mentor/Mentor Graphics]
MENTOR (in Katakana) メンター™ software
[does not apply when referencing the corporation Mentor/Mentor Graphics]
[does not apply when referencing the corporation Mentor/Mentor Graphics]
MICRED™ software
MICRED™ hardware
MicroRoute MicroRoute™ software
MindAccess MindAccess™ IoT Value Plan
MindConnect MindConnect® hardware to connect to MindSphere
Note: MindConnect is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
MindServices MindServices® services to connect to MindSphere
Note: MindServices is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
MindSphere MindSphere®, the industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens
Note: MindSphere is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
mPower analog mPower™ analog software
mPower™ analog solution
mPower digital mPower™ digital software
mPower™ digital solution
Notivate Notivate™ software
Nucleus Nucleus™ software
Nucleus™ hypervisor
Nucleus Multicore Framework Add-on Nucleus™ Multicore Framework Add-on software
Nucleus ReadyStart Nucleus™ ReadyStart™ hypervisor
Nucleus ReadyStart Multicore Framework Add-on Nucleus™ ReadyStart™ Multicore Framework Add-on software
Nucleus SafetyCert Nucleus™ SafetyCert™ software
NX NX™ software
NX 2D Nesting NX™ 2D Nesting software
NX AEC Documentation NX™ AEC Documentation software
NX Coatings NX™ Coatings software
NX Composites NX™ Coatings software
NX Conformal cooling channel design NX™ Conformal cooling channel design software
NX Diagramming NX™ Diagramming software
NX Join NX™ Join software
NX MACH NX MACH™ software
NX Mendix reporting NX™ Mendix™ reporting software
NX Model Based Definition NX™ Model Based Definition software
NX Mold Cooling NX™ Mold Cooling software
NX CAM On-Machine Probing Author NX™ CAM On-Machine Probing Author software
NX CAM On-Machine Probing Execution NX™ CAM On-Machine Probing Execution software
NX Realize Shape NX Realize Shape™ software
NX Ship Manufacturing Super Plate NX™ Ship Manufacturing Super Plate software
NX Sketch NX™ Sketch software
NX SNAP NX SNAP™ software
NX Staged Models NX™ Staged Models software
NX Structure Designer NX™ Structure Designer software
NX WAVE NX WAVE™ feature functionality
NX X NX™ X software
Oasys-RTL Oasys-RTL™ software
ODB++ ODB++™ data format
ODB++ Design ODB++™ Design language
ODB++ Manufacturing ODB++™ Manufacturing language
ODB++ Process ODB++™ Process language
Opcenter Opcenter™ software
Note: Opcenter is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
Opcenter EX PH Opcenter™ EX PH software
Note: Opcenter is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT Opcenter™ Execution Electronics IoT software
Note: Opcenter is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
Opcenter Intelligence Electronics IoT Opcenter™ Intelligence Electronics IoT software
Note: Opcenter is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
OPENDOOR OPENDOOR™ partner program
Optimize My Plant for [XXX] Optimize My Plant for [XXX]
OPTstack OPTstack® middleware
PADS PADS™ software
Parasolid Parasolid® software
PartQuest PartQuest™ software
PCBflow PCBflow™ software
Plant Simulation Plant Simulation in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
Platform Express Platform Express™ software
PLM for Machine Builders PLM for Machine Builders
PLM for Medical Devices PLM for Medical Devices
Polarion ALM Polarion ALM™ software
Polarion PRO Polarion PRO™ software
Polarion QA Polarion QA™ software
Polarion REQUIREMENTS Polarion REQUIREMENTS™ software
Polarion REVIEWER Polarion REVIEWER™ software
Polarion SaaS Polarion™ SaaS
Polarion software ALM-PLM Integration Polarion™ software ALM-PLM Integration
Polarion software for Aerospace Polarion™ software for Aerospace
Polarion software for Automotive Polarion™ software for Automotive
Polarion software for Embedded Systems Polarion™ software for Embedded Systems
Polarion software for Enterprise Agile Polarion™ software for Enterprise Agile
Polarion software for Medical Devices Polarion™ software for Medical Devices
Polarion VARIANTS Add-on Software Polarion VARIANTS™ Add-on Software
Polarion X Polarion™ X software
Preactor Preactor
Precision Precision™ software
Process Simulate Process Simulate in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
ProjectXpert ProjectXpert™ software
Pyxis Pyxis™ software
PyxisOpen PyxisOpen™ software
Questa Questa™ platform
Questa™ software
Questa ADMS Questa™ ADMS™ software
QuickCheck QuickCheck™ software
QuickFault QuickFault™ software
QuickSim QuickSim™ software
Red Cedar Technology Red Cedar Technology™ software
or Red Cedar Technology™ services
ReqTracer ReqTracer™ software
Reversible Scan Chain Diagnosis (RVS) Reversible Scan Chain Diagnosis (RVS)
Robcad Robcad™ software in the Tecnomatix® portfolio
Rulestream Rulestream™ software
Service Automator Service Automator
Siemens logo Siemens logo
Note: Siemens is a registered trademark of Siemens Trademark GmbH & Co. KG.
Siemens Siemens
Note: Siemens is a registered trademark of Siemens Trademark GmbH & Co. KG.
Simatic Simatic ® suite
Note: Simatic IT is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
Simatic IT Simatic IT® suite
Note: Simatic IT is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
Simcenter Simcenter™ software
Simcenter 3D Simcenter™ 3D software
Simcenter 3D Acoustics Simcenter™ 3D Acoustics software
Simcenter 3D Additive Manufacturing solution Simcenter™ 3D Additive Manufacturing solution
Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop software Simcenter™ 3D Engineering Desktop software
Simcenter 3D Motion Simcenter™ 3D Motion software
Simcenter 3D Smart Virtual Sensing Simcenter™ 3D Smart Virtual Sensing software
Simcenter Active Human Simcenter™ Active Human software
Simcenter Amesim Simcenter™ Amesim™ software
Simcenter Amesim Aerospace Simcenter™ Amesim™ Aerospace package
Simcenter Amesim Aerospace package Simcenter™ Amesim™ Aerospace package
Simcenter Amesim Base Simcenter Amesim™ Base software
Simcenter Amesim Drivability Simcenter™ Amesim™ Drivability solution
Simcenter Amesim Hydraulics Simcenter™ Amesim™ Hydraulics library
Simcenter Anovis Simcenter™ Anovis™ system
Simcenter™ Anovis™ software
Simcenter™ Anovis™ hardware
Simcenter Battery Design Studio software Simcenter™ Battery Design Studio™ software
Simcenter Consulting services Simcenter™ Consulting services
Simcenter Culgi Simcenter™ Culgi™ software
Simcenter DYNTIM Simcenter™ DYNTIM™ hardware
Simcenter Embedded Software Designer Simcenter™ Embedded Software Designer software
Simcenter Engineering and Consulting services Simcenter™ Engineering and Consulting services
Simcenter Flex Simcenter™ Flex software
Simcenter FLOEFD Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ software
Simcenter FLOEFD for NX Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ for NX™ software
Simcenter FLOEFD for Solid Edge Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ for Solid Edge® software
Simcenter FLOEFD Free Viewer Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ Free Viewer software
Simcenter FLOEFD Smartcells Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ Smartcells™ software
Simcenter Flomaster Simcenter™ Flomaster™ software
Simcenter Flotherm Simcenter™ Flotherm™ software
Simcenter Flotherm Flexx Simcenter™ Flotherm™ Flexx software
Simcenter Flotherm IC
Simcenter FLOEFD Instamesh
Simcenter™ Flotherm™ IC software
Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ Instamesh software
Simcenter Flotherm PCB Simcenter™ Flotherm™ PCB software
Simcenter Flotherm Floviz Simcenter™ Flotherm™ Floviz software
Simcenter Flotherm Pack Simcenter™ Flotherm™ Pack software
Simcenter Flotherm Smartparts Simcenter™ Flotherm™ Smartparts software
Simcenter Flotherm XT Simcenter™ Flotherm™ XT software
Simcenter Flotherm XT EDA Bridge Simcenter™ Flotherm™ XT EDA Bridge software
Simcenter Flotherm XT Pack Simcenter™ Flotherm™ XT EDA Bridge software
Simcenter Flovent Simcenter™ Flovent™ software
Simcenter Flovent Floviz Simcenter™ Flovent™ Floviz software
Simcenter Flovent Free Software Viewer Simcenter™ Flovent™ Free Viewer
Simcenter Madymo Simcenter™ Madymo™ software
Simcenter MAGNET Simcenter™ MAGNET™ software
Simcenter MAGNET Electrical Simcenter™ MAGNET™ Electrical software
Simcenter MAGNET Object Optimization Simcenter™ MAGNET™ Object Optimization software
Simcenter MAGNET Thermal Simcenter™ MAGNET™ Thermal software
Simcenter Micred Simcenter™ Micred™ software
Simcenter Micred LED Tester Simcenter™ Micred™ LED Tester software
Simcenter Micred Power Tester Simcenter™ Micred™ Power Tester software
Simcenter Micred Quality Tester Simcenter™ Micred™ Quality Tester software
Simcenter Micred T3STER Simcenter™ Micred™ T3STER™ software
Simcenter Micred TIM Tester Simcenter™ Micred™ TIM Tester software
Simcenter NASTRAN Simcenter™ NASTRAN software
Simcenter POWERTESTER Simcenter™ POWERTESTER hardware
Simcenter Prescan Simcenter™ Prescan™ software
Simcenter Prescan360 Simcenter™ Prescan™360 software
Simcenter Power on Cloud Simcenter™ Power on Cloud software
Simcenter Qsources Simcenter™ Qsources™ hardware
Simcenter Samcef Simcenter™ Samcef® software
Simcenter SCADAS Lab hardware Simcenter™ SCADAS™ Lab hardware
Simcenter SCADAS Simcenter™ SCADAS™ hardware
Simcenter SCADAS Mobile Simcenter™ SCADAS™ Mobile hardware
Simcenter SCADAS Pass-by noise Simcenter™ SCADAS™ Pass-by noise hardware
Simcenter SCADAS Recorder Simcenter™ SCADAS™ Recorder hardware
Simcenter SCADAS Satellite Simcenter™ SCADAS™ Satellite hardware
Simcenter SCADAS XS Simcenter™ SCADAS™ XS hardware
Simcenter SCAPTOR Simcenter SCAPTOR™ software
Simcenter SCAPTOR™ hardware
Simcenter Sound Camera Simcenter™ Sound Camera™ software
Simcenter™ Sound Camera™ hardware
Simcenter™ Sound Camera™ system
Simcenter Soundbrush Simcenter™ Soundbrush™ software
Simcenter™ Soundbrush™ hardware
Simcenter™ Soundbrush™ system
Simcenter SPEED software Simcenter™ SPEED™ software
Simcenter SPH flow Simcenter™ SPH flow software
Simcenter SPH flow Studio Simcenter™ SPH flow Studio software
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ software
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ in-cylinder Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ in-cylinder solution
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Intelligent Design Exploration Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ Intelligent Design Exploration solution
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Optimate Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ Optimate™ software
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Power on Cloud Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ Power on Cloud software
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Web Viewer Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ Web Viewer software
Simcenter Sysdm Simcenter™ Sysdm software
Simcenter System Analyst Simcenter™ System Analyst software
Simcenter System Architect Simcenter™ System Architect software
Simcenter System Synthesis Simcenter™ System Synthesis software
Simcenter T3STER Simcenter™ T3STER™ hardware
Simcenter T3STER XT Simcenter™ T3STER™ XT hardware
Simcenter Tecware Simcenter™ Tecware software
Simcenter TERALED Simcenter™ TERALED™ hardware
Simcenter Testlab Simcenter™ Testlab™ software
Simcenter Testlab App Simcenter™ Testlab™ App
Simcenter Testlab Neo Simcenter Testlab™ Neo software
Simcenter Testlab Sound Designer Simcenter Testlab™ Sound Designer software
Simcenter Testlab Sound Quality Simcenter™ Testlab™ Sound Quality software
Simcenter Testlab Structures Testing Simcenter™ Testlab™ Structures Testing software
Simcenter Testxpress Simcenter™ Testxpress software
Simcenter Tire Simcenter™ Tire software
Simcenter Webapp Server Simcenter™ Webapp Server
SimView SimView™ software
SLEC SLEC™ software
Smartcells Smartcells™ technology
SmartParts SmartParts™ software
Smart Tool Position Smart Tool Position
Sokol Sokol™ operating system
Solid Edge Solid Edge® software
Solid Edge App Marketplace Solid Edge App Marketplace™ mobile app
Solid Edge CAM Pro Rotary Add-on Solid Edge® CAM Pro Rotary Add-on software
Solid Edge CAM Pro SMKS 3 Axis Solid Edge® CAM Pro SMKS 3 Axis software
Solid Edge CAM Pro SMKS 4 Axis Solid Edge® CAM Pro SMKS 4 Axis software
Solid Edge CAM Pro SMKS 5 Axis Solid Edge® CAM Pro SMKS 5 Axis software
Solid Edge Design Configurator Solid Edge® Design Configurator software
Solid Edge Design1 Solid Edge Design1™ software
Solid Edge Shape Search Solid Edge® Shape Search software
Solid Edge Shape Search Solid Edge® Shape Search software
Solido Solido™ software
Solido Design Environment Solido Design Environment™ software
Sourcery Sourcery™ software
Sourcery Analyzer Sourcery™ Analyzer software
Sourcery CodeBench Sourcery™ CodeBench software
STAR Academy STAR Academy™ software
STAR-CD STAR-CD™ software
STAR-ice STAR-ice™ software
Symbolica Symbolica™ software
Symphony Symphony™ platform
Syncrofit Syncrofit® portfolio
SynthAI SynthAI™ software
SynthAI™ services
System Architect System Architect
T3Ster T3Ster™ software
T3Ster™ hardware
Tanner Tanner™ software
Tanner L-edit Tanner™ L-edit software
Tanner L-Edit Layout Forge Tanner™ L-Edit Layout Forge software
Tau Tau™ software
Teamcenter Teamcenter® software Teamcenter® portfolio
Teamcenter Assistant Teamcenter® Assistant software
Teamcenter EBOM Automotive Solution Teamcenter® EBOM Automotive Solution software
Teamcenter® EBOM Automotive Solution portfolio
Teamcenter EBOM Color Management Teamcenter® EBOM Color Management software
Teamcenter® EBOM Color Management portfolio
Teamcenter EBOM Unit Effectivity Teamcenter® EBOM Unit Effectivity software
Teamcenter® EBOM Unit Effectivity portfolio
Teamcenter EBOM Variant Configuration Teamcenter® EBOM Variant Configuration software
Teamcenter® EBOM Variant Configuration portfolio
Teamcenter IMM Base Teamcenter® IMM Base software
Teamcenter Mobility Teamcenter Mobility™ mobile device application
Teamcenter product cost management Teamcenter® product cost management, or Product Costing, or Teamcenter® solution for product costing, or Teamcenter® product costing solution
Teamcenter Share Teamcenter® Share app
Teamcenter X Teamcenter® X software
Tecnomatix Tecnomatix® portfolio
Tecnomatix Process Simulate Review Tecnomatix® Process Simulate Review software
Tessent Tessent™ software
Tessent BoundaryScan Tessent™ BoundaryScan software
Tessent Diagnosis Tessent™ Diagnosis software
Tessent Embedded Analytics Tessent™ Embedded Analytics software
or Tessent™ Embedded Analytics solution
Tessent Embedded Analytics UVM VIP Tessent™ Embedded Analytics UVM VIP software
Tessent FastScan Tessent™ FastScan™ software
Tessent Host Services Tessent™ Host Services software
Tessent IJTAG Tessent™ IJTAG software
Tessent LogicBIST Tessent™ LogicBIST software
Tessent MemoryBIST Tessent™ MemoryBIST software
Tessent PLLTest Tessent™ PLLTest software
Tessent SerdesTest Tessent™ SerdesTest software
Tessent Silicon Lifecycle Tessent™ Silicon Lifecycle software
or Tessent™ Silicon Lifecycle solution
Tessent SoCScan Tessent™ SoCScan software
Tessent SystemInsight Tessent™ SystemInsight software
Tessent SystemInsight HP Tessent™ SystemInsight HP software
Tessent SystemStream Tessent™ SystemStream software
Tessent TestKompress Tessent™ TestKompress™ software
Tessent Test Tessent™ Test software
or Tessent™ Test solution
Tessent YieldInsight Tessent™ YieldInsight™ software
The Cimulation Centre The Cimulation Centre
Time-it Time-it™ software
TRUEPART TRUEPART™ data model content
User2User User2User™ event
VALOR VALOR™ software
VALOR™ hardware
Valor Material Management Valor™ Material Management software
Valor MSS Asset Utilization Valor™ MSS Asset Utilization software
Valor MSS Foundation Valor™ MSS Foundation software
Valor NPI Valor™ NPI software
Valor VPL Cloud Valor™ VPL Cloud software
Valor Parts Library Valor™ Parts Library software
Valor Process Preparation Valor™ Process Preparation software
VCO1S VCO[#]S™ solution
VCO[#]S Silent VCO[#]S™ Silent solution
VCO[#]S Base VCO[#]S™ Base solution
VCO[#]S Flex VCO[#]S™ Flex solution
VCO[#]S Unique VCO[#]S™ Unique solution
Veloce Veloce™ software
Veloce™ hardware
Veloce HYCON Veloce™ HYCON software
Veloce Strato Veloce™ Strato emulation platform
Veloce Strato+ Veloce™ Strato+ emulation platform
Veloce X-STEP Veloce™ X-STEP™ platform
Veloce X-STEP EVA Veloce™ X-STEP™ EVA platform
VeSys VeSys™ software
Vista Vista™ software
Volcano Volcano™ software
WinCC WinCC® SCADA system WinCC® HMI system
Note: WinCC is a registered trademark of Siemens AG
Xcelerator Xcelerator portfolio
XpertBuilder XpertBuilder™ software
XSe XSe® software
XTK XTK™ software
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