Hybridization & Electrification Seminar

Evento | 15 Janeiro 2020 9:00 AM
Brainport Industries Campus, BIC 1, 5657 BX Eindhoven, Netherlands

Learn from our expert engineers about hybridization and electrification!

hybridization and electrification
hybridization and electrification

Electric and hybrid-electric powertrains drastically reduce CO2 emissions but bring their challenges. Increasing comfort, quality, and reliability proves to be more complicated with the introduction of new powertrain technologies, engine, and driveline subsystems. 

Based on real engineering examples from our Engineering Services projects, we will explain how these challenges can be countered. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Deal with road- and wind noise; 
  • Improve sound quality and perception; 
  • Set targets, perform benchmarks and reverse engineer component models; 
  • Balance different attributes as there may be conflicts arising; 
  • Consider exterior noise with pass-by noise and EV warning sounds.