Optimizing power electronics and software for xEV thermal systems

Webinar na żądanie | 56 min.

Learn how to accelerate power electronics and software engineering for xEV systems with predictive simulation

Leverage power electronics and software for xEV thermal systems

In this webinar, we overview an efficient, cross-functional approach for xEV thermal management engineering. We cover plant modeling, controls development, control software lifecycle management, and handling the intersection of these domains to facilitate effective inter-team collaboration.

Thermal management in an xEV context is a challenging systems engineering exercise.  E-powertrain systems often demand a complex thermal management approach, with multiple components requiring varying amounts of cooling (battery, motors, inverter, and possibly an ICE in HEV architectures).  Electronic components are generally sensitive to temperature fluctuations, while heat is a precious commodity drawn largely from battery-stored energy that must be carefully managed and recycled in order to maximize range.

This webinar illustrates an engineering approach to help thermal engineering teams meet these challenges head-on, and deliver e-powertrain thermal systems that meet requirements reliably and cost-effectively.

Main topics:

  • Thermal systems modeling & physical simulation
  • Controls software lifecycle management
  • Collaboration between controls software development and thermal systems modeling teams

Meet the speakers:

Michael Baloh, PhD

Principle solution architect, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Michael has 20+ years engineering and consulting experience with Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers Controls & Mechatronics Systems Development. Expertise in MBSE processes, tools, and methods. Holds a Ph.D. Controls and Systems Engineering

Ammon Wright

Kierownik ds. globalnego rozwoju biznesowego – MBSE Control, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Shashank Alai

MBSE Process Consultant, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Shashank is a product & solution architect for systems engineering with a graduate degree in ME specializing in Systems Engineering; 2+ years of research experience; INCOSE member. He has practical experience in MBSE, PLM, digital twin/thread realization for Automotive OEMs.

Pete Klein

Simulation Portfolio Developer, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Pete Klein is a Portfolio Development Executive for simulation at Siemens Digital Industries Software engaged primarily with customers in the automotive industry. His work spans the Siemens simulation portfolio and includes both systems and 3D-CAE analysis. Pete holds B.S.E. and M.S.E. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan.