Advancing design and validation in automotive mechatronics with Simcenter solutions

Webinar na żądanie | 38 min.

Frontloading design processes for smarter vehicle development

Two engineers collaborating on EV production in front of two computer monitors

With climate change impacting every continent, global efforts to reduce emissions have led to the automotive industry designing more innovative vehicles. Whether you're adding lightweight materials in vehicles or incorporating intelligent systems and functionalities, achieving these goals adds complexity to the vehicle design process. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how frontloading design processes enables smarter vehicle development.

Enable faster vehicle architecture and earlier integration problems before first prototype is built

Innovative vehicle makers use closed-loop design to enable faster vehicle architecture while detecting earlier integration problems before the first prototype is built. Use mechatronic solutions to develop breakthrough products with brand-differentiating functionalities. Our solutions combine electronics and software in advanced control systems to achieve faster optimization of automotive systems.

Develop and validate industry-leading mechatronic systems with a digital twin approach

In our webinar, you'll learn how the digital twin approach enables engineering departments to develop and validate industry-leading mechatronic systems. Integrate your simulation and test while connecting to electrics and electronics (E/E) using application lifecycle management (ALM) focused solutions. Optimize your mechanics, electronics, and software simultaneously into our integrated system.

Designing high-quality smart vehicle software through connection with Simcenter solutions

Through your connection with Simcenter solutions, you can accelerate the process of designing high-quality smart vehicle software. Whether the goal is achieving lower emissions or improving fuel performance, engineering departments can use these tools to manage vehicle complexity while keeping costs under control.