Strategies to optimize your E/E systems tool deployments

Webinar na żądanie | 31 min.

Prepare to make the most of your investment

Digital screen of electrical systems computing code

To meet a growing market demand for advanced features and capabilities while meeting or exceeding safety and security requirements, companies are learning they cannot just work harder or faster to achieve their goals. This webinar investigates use cases for specific electrical and electronic (E/E) system needs using the Capital software solution, and how technology can be applied to increase data accuracy and consistency while maintaining data integrity.

What topics will be covered in this webinar?

This webinar will cover prominent opportunities and benefits of Capital Enterprise technologies: CEA, CED, CEM, CIS, REST Web Services.

Additionally, this session will focus on the valuable functionality and significant use cases that are often missed:

  • Intelligent approaches to automated data synchronization
  • Global library administration and distribution
  • Data replication and management
  • Flexible services and workload balancing
  • Monitoring user connectivity and service status
  • Advanced database support and data safeguarding