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Enabling digitalization for the design and build of high-performance yachts and leisure crafts

Webinar na żądanie | 45 min.

Integrated design and engineering to boost maritime innovation

Princess Yachts R35 developed by BAR Technologies
Princess Yachts R35 developed by BAR Technologies

To remain afloat in a tough competitive environment, yacht builders must deliver safe, reliable, robust, high-quality, and high-performance vessels on time and within budget. To do this, getting it right the first time is critical. A digitalization strategy can help to efficiently and effectively plan, develop, and build next-generation leisure craft and yachts.

Learn how BAR Technologies created a new class of sport yachts by using state-of-the-art digital design, simulation, program management, and manufacturing solutions.

We will cover how BAR Technologies takes racing performance into the leisure sector.

Our speakers will cover the next-generation design solutions for yachts and leisure craft builders and will share how they:

  • Gained up to 30 percent more fuel efficiency at cruising speeds
  • Enhanced performance, seakeeping and comfort
  • Attained accurate manufacturing by using precise geometry
  • Enabled collaboration between remote teams


Neil Johnson, Global Portfolio Development Director, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Simon Schofield, Chief Technology Officer, BAR Technologies