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Estratégias para otimizar a inovação de produtos com o software de gerenciamento de design entre domínios

Webinar na żądanie | 52 min.

Veja como é fácil combinar o desenvolvimento de produtos mecânicos, eletrônicos e de software com o software de gerenciamento de design.

A common trend impacting every product development organization is that products are getting much more complex, comprised of mechanical, electronic, and software components. You invest in software for each engineering discipline to drive product innovation, but how well do the tools work together? 

Increasing complexity calls for a new approach to product development. Teamcenter provides cross-domain design management to bring together people across disciplines in a single, collaborative environment to improve engineering productivity and accelerate product innovation.

Watch this webinar to see how product designs can be easily searched and securely shared in relationship to the whole product, which improves design re-use, quality, and reliability. With visibility to cross-domain dependencies, engineers can see the impact of their designs and make better product decisions.