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Cost Engineering For Purchased Parts & Tools

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Shorter development and product lifecycles require faster and more targeted decisions from procurement organizations. Hence, the Cost Engineering approach is becoming increasingly important by enabling companies to sustainably influence costs ideally at a very early stage. By deploying the Cost Engineering approach, the procurement department needs to participate in development projects of new product as well as in project for re-engineering of existing products. This includes the creation of transparency of the product and project cost situation as well as a benchmarking and best practice comparison.

We invite you to participate to our webinar to learn within 30 minutes how to gain detailed insights into product cost structures and manufacturing processes with purchase price analysis and how to manage the product and tool costs in Cost Engineering.

Join us for this free webinar to learn about:

  • The necessity of cost engineering in purchasing
  • Intelligent knowledge-based cost engineering
  • Cross-functional collaboration as key to success
  • Benefits of cost engineering with integrated Cost Management

Who should attend?

The webinar addresses specialists and managers from the areas of Purchasing, Cost Engineering, Commercial Product and Program Management, Value Engineering, as well as Tooling.

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