Updates in design for additive manufacturing software

Webinar na żądanie | 20 min.

Our experts provide updates on additive manufacturing design software

Updates in design for additive manufacturing software

Societal, technology, and healthcare trends are forcing change. Providers and patients are demanding medical devices that are more personalized and consumer-centric and enable more effective and lower-cost diagnosis and therapies. Rapidly evolving 3D printing technology has emerged as a key to innovative medical therapies and products.

In this session, we take a deep dive into the current state of design for additive manufacturing software capabilities and how our latest enhancements have advanced this state-of-the-art discipline. We will look at the innovative design capabilities that make this possible as well as the deep integration of design validation and integrated functional simulation.

Included demo on lattice structure additive manufacturing design

There are many benefits to using lattice structure additive manufacturing in the medical device industry:

  • New and rapidly evolving 3D printing technology can be harnessed to create better medical devices
  • Personalized therapies via our personalization and 3D printing solutions
  • Focus on innovation and rely on an integrated solution that enables and streamlines 3D printing in both design and manufacturing

Learn the benefits of convergent modelling design

Use the benefits of convergent modelling design:

  • Combines facet, surface and solid modeling in a single system
  • Removes the costly, error-prone process of reverse engineering facet data
  • Supports the design of highly engineered complex new shapes that take full advantage of both additive and traditional manufacturing techniques
  • Enables new approaches like topology optimization to seamlessly fit into the design process