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Tech-Clarity Whitepaper

Design data management maturity improves profitability – analyzing best practices for managing designs

Product and product development complexity are on the rise, bringing with them risks to design productivity for manufacturing companies of all sizes. The leaders in terms of performance for product development are combatting this complexity with design data management. This research shows that top performers are using more structured, collaborative solutions including PDM and PLM. Even if these tools are not within reach, companies can improve their design data management maturity and achieve a productivity and business performance advantage using simpler design data management solutions.

This research shows that companies are extending their design data management in many ways, for example by following more formal data management processes, by using data management capabilities integrated into their CAD tool, and by taking advantage of cloud-based file sharing services. And top performers are more able to leverage their design data management foundation to gain higher benefits over time.

Design data management whitepaper word cloud

Design data management whitepaper word cloud

Design data management graphic

Design data management

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