First Robotics Competition and Solid Edge

Empowering a new generation of engineers to be tomorrow’s technology leaders

As a FIRST® Robotics Competition team member, you are on your way to becoming a leader in technology and engineering. Solid Edge is proud to partner with FIRST to support you and thousands of other students as you learn about STEM and develop the skills you need to succeed in the workforce one day.

Siemens Design and Engineering Curriculum
Get started now with FIRST Robotics University and check out their downloadable kit of parts, helpful training videos and tutorials. The materials you’ll find on this site are developed by the Solid Edge team exclusively for FIRST Robotics competitors.

Gear-Up U curriculum is the fastest way to get started with Solid Edge. This self-paced online course requires no preparation. The Conceptional Blending and Spatial Thinking course is a fun and engaging approach to learn engineering and Solid Edge 3D CAD.