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Balance operability and fuel efficiency of trucks and buses with systems performance engineering

New trends are shaping the truck and bus industry, due to:

• Stringent emissions regulations,
• Irreplaceable value of brand attributes,
• Mass customization and personalization,
• Worldwide race for innovation.

Translating these needs into technical requirements and design solutions implies shifting:

• toward hybridization and electrification,
• from a hardware centric product to a mechatronic system,
• toward multi-attribute balancing.

Consequently, the model-based system engineering approach enables to reduce the amount of testing, frontload the design and allows system optimization and integration, hence reducing development cost and time.

From this on-demand webinar you will learn how to better understand and implement systems optimization using LMS Amesim, part of the Simcenter portfolio.

Performance engineering for truck industry

Balance operability and fuel efficiency of trucks

Performance engineering with LMS Amesim

Truck model within LMS Amesim

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