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Why Smart Manufacturing for Electronics

Smart manufacturing works by connecting silos of information and processes. It brings together the PCB design and mechanical flows in a collaborative environment. And it uses simulation to prove new product designs, and production systems before any new product (NPI) reaches production. With smart manufacturing solutions, it’s possible to collect and extract business value from manufacturing data. This results in creating a feedback loop that continuously improves the product design and production processes. Companies are looking at smart manufacturing solutions to provide agility, lower costs, and faster new product introduction (NPI). In doing so, they also gain visibility, traceability, and trust in their electronics manufacturing capabilities.

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Envision the future with Smart Manufacturing.

Smart manufacturing integrates printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and mechanical assembly lines

Increasing product complexity and exponential growth drive electronics manufacturers to rethink the entire new product introduction strategy.

Smart manufacturing provides answers to the significant challenges of producing any new electronics product:

  • Do you know that your new product can be built as designed?
  • Do you understand your capacity to deliver globally?
  • Are you managing your supply chain?

For manufacturing companies to adapt and be successful, they must embrace digitalization and leverage complexity as a competitive advantage to meet their customer demands.

Smart Manufacturing for Electronics is a digitalized new product introduction (NPI) strategy

Smart manufacturing is a digitalized strategy that encompasses the entire process, from NPI for both the PCB and mechanical assembly to optimize the factory floor and to incorporate customer feedback in new designs.

This complete digital solution supports the electronics and the mechanical aspects of product development and ensures that quality and efficiency are built into the manufacturing process. The result is complete visibility, control, and optimization of production processes across the enterprise.

To learn more about the benefits of these robust solutions and increase speed to market and enhance product quality, view the video.

Smart Manufacturing for Electronics helps you improve key performance indicators (KPI’s).

The video shows you the most important benefits of smart manufacturing:

  • Solutions at a glance
  • How customers used it to improve key performance indicators (KPI) significantly
  • Solutions that provide agility, lower costs, and faster new product introduction (NPI) cycles

View the video to learn more about visibility, traceability, and trust in electronics manufacturing with Siemens Smart Manufacturing for Electronics.

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