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Webinar Series

Predict battery and fuel cell systems performance using model-based design, from cell to integration

Our simulation and testing solutions enable you to assess energy storage systems performance accurately, from electrochemistry and cell definition up to pack design and integration.

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Adopt a model-based development strategy to boost battery performance

Evaluate the benefits of a model-based development strategy, from electrode component design to the system level, and how to define cell/battery requirements, make correct hardware and software design decisions, frontload possible component integration issues, and predict final system performances.

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How advanced empirical models can accelerate your battery design

Discover how a battery empirical cell model can be efficiently calibrated and then used to capture cell breathing mechanisms.

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Optimizing the battery charging experience

Explore how to successfully deploy system simulation for detailed cell electrochemical modeling to perform sensitivity analysis on fast charging scenarios, as well as cell geometrical design optimization to reach an optimal compromise between charge speed, cell temperature, and battery aging.

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Master fuel cell design using a holistic simulation approach

Learn how Simcenter software solutions allow to quickly model a fuel cell and its system to predict performance, interactions between the different subsystems, and the impact of geometries.

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Optimizing battery thermal management system design and architecture using multi-level modeling

Get the most out of simulation and balance cost, range, comfort, and durability while delivering optimal safety. Listen to Angelo Greco from PSA Peugeot Citroen, and Thomas Desbarats from Siemens introduce how a multi-physics and multi-scale simulation approach empowers engineers to optimize and secure battery thermal management system design.

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Addressing design and integration challenges for EV fast chargers

Learn how to leverage integrated electronics-electrical-thermal simulations from component to system level to unlock innovations for fast charger hardware design and integration and derive value from the digital twin to address business challenges from semiconductor and connectors suppliers to infrastructure companies.

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