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Teamcenter for Capital Asset Lifecycle Management

Today’s organizations make massive investments in their capital assets.  These organizations are under pressure to operate existing assets more efficiently and bring new assets online without project delays and cost overruns. The key to improving project delivery and operational efficiencies is for organizations to implement digitalization strategies for their capital assets.

With Teamcenter, a capital asset digitalization strategy increases efficiencies across the organization while enabling simulations and optimizations through the use of the digital twin.  Capital asset lifecycle management software helps companies digitalize their capital assets as early in the lifecycle as possible by establishing the enterprise data management and collaboration foundation for the capital asset lifecycle; from concept to operations.

The offering includes:

• ENTERPRISE INSIGHT to help you realize a new level of enterprise-wide insight and visibility by consolidating the project and asset data contained in isolated systems into a secure, traceable, enterprise ecosystem. This approach provides users with a single point of access to federated data, which includes engineering design and information models from third-party software such as CAD, CAE, and BIM authoring systems.

• ADVANCED PROGRAM MANAGEMENT capabilities delivered through proven, data-driven business processes that manage the complex evolution of data and enable robust decision-support capabilities.

• DIGITAL TWIN to provide valuable insights and realize continuous optimization by visualizing, simulating, and optimizing project designs, construction execution, and operational performance.

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