21 September 2017

Mentor Precision Synthesis announces support for the eFPGA fabric in Silicon Mobility’s OLEA automotive IC

Mentor, a Siemens business, today announced the Precision® Synthesis product support for Silicon Mobility’s OLEA® Field-Programmable Control Unit (FPCU) – a flexible electronic circuit tailored specifically for the automotive market and specialized in real-time processing and control. Silicon Mobility’s OLEA FPCU is the first ever automotive-qualified semiconductor control solution to holistically address the need for flexibility, real-time data processing, timing predictability and safety for critical applications, such as powertrain electrification, electronic power steering (EPS), braking and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Under the terms of the OEM partnership, Silicon Mobility customers will receive licenses to use a Silicon Mobility version of Mentor’s Precision RTL Plus FPGA synthesis tool for mapping RTL (register transfer level) logic to OLEA’s patented AMEC FLU® (Flexible Logic Unit) - a programmable logic fabric in the FPCU.

Mentor’s Precision RTL Plus is part of OLEA COMPOSER, a completely standardized, worldwide adopted and fully supported programming flow for OLEA. The Silicon Mobility version of Mentor’s Precision RTL Plus tool provides advanced synthesis features for critical applications development, such as timing-driven synthesis and mapping for superior Quality-of-Results (QoR), unique automatic incremental synthesis to reduce runtime, IEEE 1735 encryption and safety-critical support. Designers can also leverage the Precision tool’s industry-leading support of VHDL-2008, SystemVerilog and mixed language to implement their designs.

“Silicon Mobility’s OLEA customers will benefit greatly from Mentor’s decades-long success in EDA tool development,” said Bruno Paucard, CEO of Silicon Mobility. “Our collaboration with Precision Synthesis helps ensure our customers have the highest quality, reliability and support for mapping of designs to our AMEC FLU.”

“Silicon Mobility delivers industry’s first automotive controller with programmable logic,” said Badru Agarwala, general manager of the Calypto Systems Division at Mentor. “And Precision Synthesis is fast becoming a partner of choice for markets using eFPGAs in general and automotive applications, in particular.”

Precision RTL Plus Silicon Mobility version is available now from Silicon Mobility.

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