Digital Enterprise

A Digital Enterprise is a business that has completed a digitalization strategy (aka, digital transformation) to fully incorporate digital tools and technologies across all aspects of their operations, from ideation thru realization to utilization.

In a broad sense, digitalization transforms an enterprise’s original business model and creates new business opportunities by leveraging globally distributed digitized assets and organizational resources – merging the intangible processes of product development and production planning with physical production and operational support.

More specifically, digital enterprises focus on converting their data assets into digital formats and automating business processes with scalable technologies that can use and contribute to those assets – such as cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and various software solutions.

For example, by digitalizing the entire product development process, a company can use a digital twin to visualize, simulate, and cross-examine complex operational products virtually, then use the resulting data to realize substantial improvements in time to market, cost, quality, and performance.

Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise helps industrial customers to seize the opportunities of digitalization and gain a competitive edge.

The Digital Enterprise’s Reimagined Value Chain

To realize the opportunities of digitalization, manufacturers must transform their business into a digital enterprise across the value chain from ideation to realization and operational utilization.


Bringing new ideas to market
  • Reimagining the product development process with high fidelity electro-mechanical models

  • Creating digital twins to validate designs, simulate variations, analyze the impact of changes, and optimize performance

  • Continuous improvement of digital twins with digitized data from previous design and production experiences


Speeding process development and ensuring quality
  • Reinventing manufacturing and production engineering tools and processes

  • Working closely with designers to ensure manufacturability and worker safety by planning and simulating manufacturing processes

  • Using digital twins as a validation tools to speed process development and ensure quality


Improving and optimizing performance
  • Learning from operational data and gaining actionable insights through analytics

  • Integrating real-time operational data to make informed decisions on improving performance and optimizing efficiency

Business Transformation to Realize Innovation

Digitalization Changes Everything

Digital Enterprise

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