CAD Student Software

CAD student software takes full-featured 3D CAD technology and makes it affordable for engineering students. The software is actually the same as what professionals use, but with some key differences.

Most vendors offer their engineering software to students for free, or at minimal price, to support future talent. In most cases, CAD student software does not contain any unique educational components. Rather, it's intended to be used in conjunction with a curriculum of project-based learning and experimentation in order to teach the student how to use professional-grade software while reinforcing their understanding of engineering principles and concepts.

While functionally the same, the commercial and student versions of CAD software have different Terms of Use. A commercial license for CAD software confers different usage rights and vendor services than a student license. Generally, a CAD student software license has restrictions in place to make it unsuitable for commercial applications. For example, files created in CAD student software may not be compatible with commercial versions. However, because every CAD software vendor has unique licensing rights for their products, the exact differences vary.

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CAD Student Software

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