Verification Management

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Adaptable Integrated BOM

Leverage a flexible BOM management strategy that enables a single, accurate product definition for all who interact with the BOM. With flexibility in how you define and manage your BOM, you can provide a complete, up-to-date source of information that eliminates the need for standalone spreadsheets and systems. Teamcenter® supports up-front planning and master product definition, through design, development, manufacturing, service and more.

Author Manufacturing Process Plans More Efficiently

Efficiently author, analyze, manage and communicate manufacturing plans and information throughout your organization and extended enterprise.

Collaboration for Lifecycle Management

Connect people and processes, beyond functional silos, with a digital thread for product lifecycle management, so everyone can make the best product decisions.

Product Requirements Engineering

The value of requirements isn't in capturing them, but in driving the product development process. Teamcenter allocates requirements to various downstream functions/features/product architectures -- all while generating the reports, documentation, and dashboards to manage the requirements process. You can create, view and edit requirements directly from familiar Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel. Lifecycle Integrated requirements enables "start integrated, stay integrated" development process across the entire product lifecycle.

Project Management

Easy-to-use tools help you manage projects, even if you’re not a project management expert. With Teamcenter, you can directly connect PLM data, such as parts, documents, requirements, and more to project tasks and deliverables. This ensures everyone has exactly what they need to get their tasks completed. Project status automatically updates as work is completed. Plan, manage, and execute your projects in one place, no matter how simple or complex they are.

Simulation Management

Efficiently manage and share CAE & system simulations to all your decision-makers to better understand product performance to deliver innovations faster and with greater confidence.


Enhance testing processes and boost productivity and product innovation

Verification & Validation

Teamcenter Requirements verification and validation capabilities help to close the loop on requirements by capturing and associating verification and validation results with requirements while enabling focused testing. With Teamcenter Requirements Management, requirements are included in a closed loop process, where requirements are tied to how they are verified and validated (V&V). Because Teamcenter also includes test and validation management, requirements can be tied to test cases that validate them.

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