ETO / CTO Process Automation

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Adaptable PLM Foundation

An adaptable product lifecycle management (PLM) foundation can help you respond quickly to change from business or market disruptions. Business-wide collaboration is easy when PLM is accessible from a web browser, on any device, and within the design tools and office applications people use every day. You can choose from flexible deployment options (on-premise, cloud, and pre-configured) for fast time-to-value and lower cost of ownership.

Bill of Materials Management

Teamcenter helps you know your product by providing a common source of BOM information across your organization. Whether you need basic BOM management, or more advanced BOM management and configuration with greater flexibility and scalability, you can meet and exceed the market demand for more innovative and varied product offerings.

Change Management

With Teamcenter, you can use the power of PLM to optimize your product change management processes, and realize innovation. You have a clear understanding of the data, people and processes impacted by a change, enabling you to effectively plan. Leverage flexible change processes that meet your specific needs. These processes drive execution and help provide full change traceability. Effectively manage the evolution of your products, issues, and improvements, while also implementing change quickly and comprehensively.

Engineering Automation

With engineer-to-order capabilities in Rulestream and Teamcenter, you can automate product and process rules. With this automation, you can address new requirements quickly and accurately while ensuring that you meet the constraints determined by your organization. You can create bid and manufacturing packages in minutes rather than weeks. Using Rulestream, you can support customer demands for engineer-to-order products while still remaining profitable.

ERP Connector

Many companies are increasingly realizing the value of defining and managing variability far upstream of ERP.  It’s critical that the product variants you offer are considered and understood throughout the engineering process. It is also critical that this variability is available downstream in ERP smoothly and without requiring duplicate effort. Teamcenter provides OOTB support via our Teamcenter for SAP (T4S) integration that allows you flexibility in what variant information you wish to send to ERP.

ETO Application Integrations

Rulestream ETO software delivers engineering automation to enable you to quickly develop and easily maintain systems to automate the design of highly complex engineered-to-order products. This automation platform is built on in-depth, robust integrations to applications you use every day. You can continue to work in familiar CAD, Microsoft Office®, and PLM applications. This allows all stakeholders, not just your technical experts, to support engineering automation to quickly deliver complex, engineer-to-order products.

Flexible Product Line Engineering

Deliver the variety your customers demand while driving profitability. Teamcenter enables a single definition of variability across domains and the lifecycle. Product options aren’t tied to design data, but are managed independently to be leveraged across the organization. This provides an easy to use common source of configuration data. Planners can define products, product lines and features they want bring to market. Engineers can focus on valid configurations. Manufacturing can generate a BOP leveraging that same definition.

Guided Product Configuration

Leverage the single definition of variability to ensure that any user, regardless of role or domain, works only with valid configurations. Guided product configuration limits the features and choices that you can make so that you only see choices that are allowed. This ensures every stakeholder is focused on the products you plan to bring to market.

Product Configuration Visualization

With product configuration management inside of PLM, you can leverage robust 3D visualization capabilities in Teamcenter to provide accurate geometry, on demand, for any valid configuration. Users throughout your process, regardless of their level of CAD expertise, can see real time 3D visuals of the products, configured as they have chosen. You can visualize and validate throughout the process, helping to catch errors early in the process.