Digital Mockup, Virtual & Augmented Reality

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2D/3D View & Markup

2D/3D visualization and markup capabilities enable you to navigate complex models through hierarchical product structures and facilitate rich knowledge exchange throughout the product lifecycle. You can access and visualize design information, including 3D CAD data (in JT™ format) and 2D drawings in most major 2D formats. Advanced annotation capabilities allow you to create 3D markups directly on a part and enable reviewers to provide feedback in the context of the design without requiring translation-related interruption.

Adaptable PLM Foundation

An adaptable product lifecycle management (PLM) foundation can help you respond quickly to change from business or market disruptions. Business-wide collaboration is easy when PLM is accessible from a web browser, on any device, and within the design tools and office applications people use every day. You can choose from flexible deployment options (on-premise, cloud, and pre-configured) for fast time-to-value and lower cost of ownership.

Bill of Materials Management

Teamcenter helps you know your product by providing a common source of BOM information across your organization. Whether you need basic BOM management, or more advanced BOM management and configuration with greater flexibility and scalability, you can meet and exceed the market demand for more innovative and varied product offerings.

Digital Mockup

Use real-time digital mockup tools to detect and resolve design issues using the product’s digital twin early in your product lifecycle. Teamcenter visualization mockup capabilities enable you to create high-level digital prototypes comprised of thousands of parts. You can check interferences, conduct part motion studies, and determine whether sufficient accessibility is provided to facilitate maintenance procedures. You can distribute the universally viewable information to other team members to annotate concerns or incorporate alternative design concepts.

Supplier Visualization JT2Go

Sharing visualization data with suppliers using JT2Go streamlines collaboration between you and your supply chain. JT2Go is a no-cost deploy-on-demand 3D viewing product available on Windows, Android and IOS platforms that enables you to share detailed 3D product and manufacturing information (PMI) using the lightweight 3D JT format. The viewer enables product development teams and supply chains to easily review drawings and interrogate 3D product information and collaborate in the context of complete bills-of-material (BOM).

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) systems enable the digital twin to be reviewed in an immersive virtual environment with true 1:1 scale realism. Using JT format data this environment for formal and informal design review, manufacturing planning, and serviceability assessment is especially effective with non-computer-aided design (CAD) oriented stakeholders. VR environments improve decision making by enabling you to better assess and resolve ergonomic factors such as sight lines, reachability, and clearances earlier in the lifecycle.

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