Compliance & Sustainability Management

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Automate Supplier Declaration processing

Process supplier declarations efficiently and meet your goals with streamlined methods to gather supplier data.With Teamcenter environmental compliance and product sustainability solutions, you can gather supplier data efficiently to get a more complete view of your products. Highly automated supplier declaration processing enables you to quickly understand the complete material and substance makeup of your products. Minimize risk of errors by efficiently collecting and validating supplier declaration data and meet your environmental compliance needs.

Bill of Materials Management

Teamcenter helps you know your product by providing a common source of BOM information across your organization. Whether you need basic BOM management, or more advanced BOM management and configuration with greater flexibility and scalability, you can meet and exceed the market demand for more innovative and varied product offerings.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools

Visibility into the cumulative knowledge of product development is critical to making smart business decisions. It takes a single source of reporting and analytics information to deliver the insight necessary for you to fully know your product. Natural language self-service reporting helps you efficiently create new analytics and out-of-the-box reports help you quickly gain an understanding of your products and processes.

Compliance Grading and Reporting

Teamcenter software’s Substance Compliance enables you to quickly understand how well your products comply with regulations in different regions of the world. With product compliance grading and reporting capabilities, you can grade and report against environmental and social compliance regulations to help you reduce the risk of noncompliance and keep track of your product sustainability initiatives. Grade against regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals, and gain complete visibility of your products’ compliance status.

Integrated material data lifecycle management

With Teamcenter Integrated Material Management, you can optimize material use for greater performance and profitability throughout the product lifecycle. With enterprise-wide use of approved material information for product functions such as design, engineering, compliance, simulation, and manufacturing, you can manage the entire lifecycle of materials in Teamcenter – from material design to production – as well as the lifecycle of the products that include these materials.

Sustainability framework

You can establish a sustainability framework that includes the supply chain to address environmental compliance and develop green, sustainable products with Teamcenter Integrated Material Management and Substance Compliance solutions. Teamcenter enables you to manage materials and substances as components of the product definition, as well as automate your supplier material and substance declaration processes, providing you with a holistic view of your product makeup.

Vendor Management

Collecting and managing supplier information can be a tedious manual task. With Teamcenter vendor management, enterprise stakeholders (such as design, engineering, compliance and purchasing) have access to suppliers, supplier data, and supplier parts in a single, secure PLM framework. Suppliers can be organized by the categories of goods they provide, making it easy to search for the right supplier. Supplier parts and quotes are connected to the product BOM for ease of access and analysis.

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