Aftermarket Service Support

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Automate and Streamline Assembly Manufacturing

Plan, optimize and validate assembly operations before production and take control of your processes, from planning and detailed engineering to shop floor execution.

Collaboration for Lifecycle Management

Connect people and processes, beyond functional silos, with a digital thread for product lifecycle management, so everyone can make the best product decisions.

Configure and repurpose dynamic documents

Product documents need to be accurate for the products they describe. Using Teamcenter Content Management, you can configure your documents by classification and effectivities, and also by the product options and variants used by engineering. You can also use conditional XML capabilities like inline effectivity, DITA values, and keyrefs to manage the XML content within topics and data modules. These options provide you more reuse and consistency in content, while delivering product-specific documents.

Create More Effective Service Plans

Create effective service plans for more profitable service operations. Drive service operations by providing all the detailed information that teams need to track and understand asset health. Provide technicians with a complete understanding of service needs so they are prepared to perform reactive, proactive and upgrade service activities.

Digital Mockup

Use real-time digital mockup tools to detect and resolve design issues using the product’s digital twin early in your product lifecycle. Teamcenter visualization mockup capabilities enable you to create high-level digital prototypes comprised of thousands of parts. You can check interferences, conduct part motion studies, and determine whether sufficient accessibility is provided to facilitate maintenance procedures. You can distribute the universally viewable information to other team members to annotate concerns or incorporate alternative design concepts.

Document Management & Publishing

Product documentation can be expensive to produce, and have a long life – and can be very complex, even having to meet stringent standards. Done right, documents can be very profitable, especially when they support the service business. Teamcenter can help your teams create specifications, analysis reports, 2D/3D illustrations, spreadsheets, test results, and technical publications that are aligned with product changes to reduce the time and cost of development, while improving document accuracy and effectiveness.

Generate the As-Built BOM of Physical Assets

Generate, manage and share the as-built bill of material (BOM) of your physical assets for product verification, and for documentation of deviations, warranty claims and compliance.

Maximize Service Knowledge and Requirements Management

Maximize service knowledge and requirements management and value with one source of service knowledge. Perform service activities with a full understanding of physical product (asset) configurations, including as-built bill of material records, status and service history. Gain access to all the appropriate information necessary to manage service operations more effectively.

Provide for Service Operations in Your Process Plans

Maximize service knowledge management and value, create effective service plans, optimize service work with schedule visibility and empower service technicians with up-to-date work instructions.