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Advanced Simulation to Solve & Optimize Process Development Problems

Wydarzenie | 31 października 2018 12.30 EST
David H Lawrence Convention Center, Room 336, Pittsburgh, PA

Listen to leading experts on turbulence and multiphase flow modeling

Understanding of transport processes (fluid flow, heat transfer & mass transfer) is key for design, troubleshooting and exploring optimum operating conditions. In this workshop we will look at two most important aspects of the problems encountered: turbulence and multiphase flow phenomenon. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and particle modeling with Discrete Element Method (DEM) have been identified as key enabling technologies in finding solutions to many of the challenges that surround scale-up; capable of reducing operating costs across manufacturing and quality divisions. We will then use this basis to show examples of how this can be used to solve problems as well as demonstrate the use of Simcenter STAR-CCM+, a multiphysics simulation platform from Siemens. All presenters will be available to answer questions.

Dowiesz się:

  • Understand behavior of turbulence using simulation
  • Learn multiphase flow regimes using CFD simulation
  • Find out how companies have successfully deployed CFD and DEM simulation

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12.30 PM

Introduction and Siemens Academic Program

Introduction to the agenda and speakers

1.00 PM

Turbulence Modeling & the Art of CFD

Prof. Emilio Baglietto, Norman C. Rasmussen Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT

1.45 PM

Demonstration of design exploration in STAR-CCM+

Dr. Prasanna Venuvanalingam

2.30 PM

Multiphase Flows and CFD Modeling for Problem Solving

Prof. Simon Lo

3.00 PM

Success stories from the Process Industries

Dr. Ravindra Aglave, Director, Energy & Process