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Digital Ship Construction for the Indian Marine Industry

Wydarzenie | 05 września 2018 2:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai

You are invited to attend the 7th annual Indian Shipbuilding Executive Summit (ISES VII), hosted by Siemens Industry Software and co-sponsored by The Indian Maritime Foundation (IMF).

Ships and marine vessels are complex engineering products. Engineering, construction, and maintenance of these products can be compared in parts with the corresponding processes found in other engineering industries but never in totality. Shipbuilding can be considered as a hybrid industry that adopts an intricate approach, amalgamating plant construction, engineering, and discrete manufacturing processes. Such intricacies, together with protracted durations for design, development, and utilization of ships – lasting for multiple decades, give rise to complications that are unique to the shipbuilding industry. In order to successfully manage such dynamism, everything must be planned and tested in advance before it can be assembled and put into operation. This can be achieved only if the traditional shipbuilding methods and processes are supplanted with digitalization of the entire value creation chain.

Over the years, the last six editions of Indian Shipbuilding Executive Summit (ISES) focused on a variety of themes including digitalization of design and development of ships, as well as skill building initiatives required to keep pace with the technological advancements. Continuing the tradition of focusing on modernization of the Indian marine sector, at the 7th edition of ISES we plan on delving deeper into the challenges associated with the construction and assembly of ships, identifying root-causes for such obstacles, while collectively evaluating potential solutions to address them. The roundtable discussions will be followed by a concise summary presentation summarizing actionable insights for all the relevant stakeholders. 

Four broad concepts will be conferred as a part of round table discussions, and audience will be invited to join the table of their choice:

  • Integration of shipbuilding supply chain
  • Modernization of Indian ports to enhance ship repair capabilities
  • Digitalization of shipbuilding processes
  • Digitalization of lifecycle management – Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Date:       5th September
Time:      14:30 hrs to 20:00 hrs, followed by dinner
Venue:    Four Seasons Hotel, Worli Mumbai

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